Cable for First Gen BTech 50x2

How did you fix the rig turning off when connected to the digirig? The cable seems to work correctly until it is pluged into the digirig. I can short ring 2 and the sleeve and get it to ptt. I can get audio from the rig with the ts on the tip. Using only the mic ground to ptt doesn’t make the radio turn off, but it also wont ptt the rig anymore that way. using only the ground to ptt makes it die, and using mic ground and ground together to ptt makes it die. if I plug it into the digirig without the digirig connected to the pc, the rig just keys up until unplugged from digi. when the digi is plugged into the pc, it kills the rig. Hopefully that was detailed enough to explain my situation. Any help would be great! This is the same pinout for the QYT980 PLUS, and I have tried both rigs with same results.

I know it’s not the most satisfying answer, but I just took everything apart and put it back together again, and it worked. I either had something connected poorly or just incorrectly, but I’m not sure which. I also used quick-release lever connectors to easily try out some different connections. Next time I might try something like this to make testing even easier:

5-pack 1/8" 3.5mm 4 Pole TRRS Stereo AV Female to 4-screw Terminal Stereo Female Headphone AUX Balun Connector Converter Adapter (FM/FM)

After some further testing, I found the issue people are having with this rig, and the QYT 980PLUS as they are basically the same rig. Initially I followed the picture for how to “count” the pins. If I hold the RJ45 in front of me, with clip facing upward like picture shows, and count from 1-8 from right to left like the picture shows, IT IS BACKWARD. Maybe its my fault for not knowing what I’m doing , but if you count from left to right with the clip upward, in front of me, IT WORKS! I have been trying to get this kind of setup for 3 years. DigiRig has done it! Thanks for all help.


Congratulations! Like I said on another thread, I’d have a 50% chance of building the RJ-45 cable right the first time. Your persistence paid off!

73 Constrainted