Digirig and raspberry pi

digirig turns off usb ports. Have tried an external usb hub and power supply but problem persists. After a reboot ports return until the device is again connected. Digirig works fine on windows. cp210x drivers are installed at /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/cp210x. Using a Raspberry pi 4 and 3 both display the same issue. It appears that the Digirig may be drawing to much current, my thought was that the external usb hub would have corrected that issue?

Larry, I put a link in your post from a couple days ago, to another post on here with a possible solution. Did you try it out? I’m curious if it’s the same issue.

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I will try the link this afternoon.


Hi Drew. As of today all is well, the PI is behaving. My concern is why, I have changed nothing concerning connections or software? For two weeks if I connected the Digirig to any USB Port the PI would disconnect to any USB device and would require a reboot to correct. I checked the drivers and all are in the PI’s driver subdirectory. using the lsusb today shows that all devices are present and WSJT-x works great?

thanks for your assistance

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It’s a Digirigmas miracle!

I truly have no idea why it would suddenly start working, but I’m glad it works.

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It’s a miracle aright, we both know that unknowns return to eventually bite us!

Thanks again Drew.


Struggled with similar issues for a hours until I traced it to a data limited USB Cable. Check those cables!

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This is good troubleshooting info, Barry! I had not considered that some USB cables don’t transmit data.