FT-857D no TX pwr / solution found

Hello :slight_smile:

I run into some problems and can’t find the answer.

Short: FT857D, CAT works,
Settings FT 857D:

  • DigiGain=60
  • DIgiMode= USER-U

But I have no TX Power. When I press the tune button there is am audio signal that goes out, the TF857 goes into “Sending Mode” … and it consumes 1 Amp more power from the PSU.

maybe one of you people already had this problem and knows what to do.
thank u

Cracked it:

if anyone else run into this… check the cable.
mine has a faulty connection… that works sometimes… and that explains a lot.

anyway… have a good one fellow nerds ^^

I worry about the DIN connectors for reliability in the field. They are easily moved to a position where they are not working. My solution was to get a ‘man-pack’ frame which shields the connectors from being moved ($200 solution LOL).
73 Doug N8VY