857D, WSJTX & digirig working fine. FLRig no longer working

Got my digirig and Yeasu cables today.

Managed to get WSJTX working fine on FT8, both rx and tx. Followed the instructions in the “getting started” section.

CAT control and PTT tests work fine from within WSJTX.

The issue I am having is that when I launch FLRig, it seems to trigger the PTT. I have had FLRig working in the past using a USB-A to 6-pin mini DIN cable. Programming the radio via Chirp worked fine with that cable.

I was under the impression that the FL-Rig cable would allow Chirp programming and FLRig control as well ?

Any suggestions ?

Sounds like hardware flow control signals are not disabled in FlRig. No handshake, hardware flow control or activation of RTS/CTS should be done in rig control configuration.

RTS should be used in PTT configuration. If that doesn’t work, please post the screenshots of the Xcvr and generic PTT sections.