Add second COM port for CW keying

Hello Denis, (and hello to all)

First I congratulate you on the good product developed. I have digirig 1.9 and it works as expected on my FT-818. Soon I will buy the LITE version for my HT’s.

As a Yaesu FT-991 and FTDX-3000 user, I use a single USB connection for EVERYTHING I need, CAT, PTT, audio in/out, FSK and CW keying. All thanks to TWO COM ports inside these TRX’s.

Unfortunately digirig 1.9 only has one COM port and CW keying is not possible without modifying connections and disabling another function such as PTT.

I don’t know the modifications and production costs if you decided to add a second COM port, just like all modern equipment (Kenwood, Yaesu, ICOM, Elecraft and others)

I consider that a future version of digirig that has TWO COM ports and an extra connection to connect to the CW KEY input of the transceivers would be very attractive to potential clients like me who also like CW.

I hope my proposal is considered at some point.

Thanks so much for reading.

73 de Carlos CX5CBA


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll keep collecting information to see if there is a demand for this feature.

If implemented, it will likely be in a different model because Digirig Mobile doesn’t have space for additional connectors or additional electronics and I would prefer to keep it at a small size.

I appreciate your support of my project. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other ideas or suggestions.


My unsolicited comments:

i stumbled upon reference to a digirig shack model but not for sale

yes, a shack sized model with an extra comport OR two would be great for ‘toggling’ things.
1/8" mono jacks tied to BOTH rts and dtr for each comport would be sweetness.

some of the older software packages out there had/have checkboxes to toggle ptt with either rts or dtr as well as cw keying functions.

last non-commercial version of ham radio deluxe is UNABLE to use the same comport for C-IV and PTT keying.

and of course my ic-736 and ic-821h cannot PTT via C-IV

a couple of reasons for an extra comport in the same ‘box’

so one usb cable to the PC from a box offering and audio device and four (4) jacks with ground switching would be convenient


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