AllStarLink compatibility with Digirig

Hi Forum Members,

I am planning to buy Digirig to use my Yaesu FT-857D as a AllStarLink node.
I can see there are cables for FT-857D available as well.
I understand those will work with most of the Digital modes including Echolink and COS / COR configuration can be changed by a windows based utility.

But AllStarLink do the COS / COR via the CM based sound card. And that is not in a usual way. The CM based sound card needs a modification to do the trick.

But I need to know,

Will those two cables work with AllStarLink default configuration ? Please note AllStarLink is a Linux based application. There is no GUI interface and very minimum modification can be done via CLI based menu.

Is there any step by step document available to configure AllStarLink to work with Digirig ?

Anyone in this forum have experience using Digirig with AllStarLink node ?

I am sure there are many HAM’s struggling to find a proper digital interface for making an AllStarLink node.


Digirig’s connection and stock cabling enables audio, PTT and where available serial CAT control.
COS / COR signals are not routed to the connector by default, but because a well supported CM108 codec is used you can patch those additional signal through. For convenience these signals are made available as through-hole test points.

Please refer to these posts for additional details: