Anytone 578 with APRSdroid and Rattlegram

Hi all, Following up on the 2023 Anytone/APRS discussions: I’d like to use APRSdroid and Rattlegram with my Anytone 578. Can anyone provide guidance on cabling from Digirig to an Android phone (I have a 3.5mm headset jack) and/or suggestions on software settings? Thanks, Tony KE1TLG.

Some discussion here Topics tagged anytone-at-d578uv

73 Constrainted

Thanks, saw those.

cabling from digirg to smartphone is via usb-c to usb-whatever port the phone has.

the headset jack of the phone is not used since the digirig is meant to replace that function as well as provide a PTT to the radio.

as far as the radio to digirig, i can’t help much more than the basics since i don’t own that particular radio.

you are trying to find the audio out, audio in (mic), ground, and PTT ‘lines’ and wire those to a single TRRS plug that goes to the audio jack of the digirig.
(the ‘audio’ jack of the digirig has the switching PTT connection as well)

good luck