APRSDroid configuration

Maybe I missed something obvious (it’s happened before) but can someone point me to the right config steps for APRSdroid? My setup is:
Android phone—USBC to USBC—digirig—TRRS to TRRS—Yaesu VX-6R
In APRSdroid I’ve played with AFSK and the TNC settings, but I haven’t seemed to hit the right combination yet. Are there any TNC init string or baud rate settings I need to check/confirm? Should I be using the AFSK instead? I don’t think the VX-6R supports VOX. I feel like I’m really close, but not quite there yet.

I think I’m in the same boat with my FT 60R. I haven’t gotten it to work properly with APRSdroid but I believe the correct configuration should be KISS. My understanding at this point is that the FT60 (and presumably your the VX6) doesn’t support VOX and a APRSdroid doesn’t support RTS control of PTT. As a result, I don’t think there’s currently a good solution linking that Yaesu HT to a APRSdroid. The behavior I’m experiencing with the set up is that the radio starts transmitting as soon as I enable tracking or attempt to send a message it will remain transmitting until I disable it or stop tracking. I must admit I’m a little new at this, but I have done some searching, and have yet to find a solution. I am going to make an attempt to take matters into my own hands by modifying the APRS code to add a RTS serial com option. Coding is just a hobby for me so I don’t think it’s going to be a quick endeavor. Meanwhile, I’m getting a cable for my Boafeng and playing with the ARPS that way.,

We’re following almost exactly the same paths indeed. I realized that I had been mis-reading one of the forum posts. I thought that APRSdroid added RTS support, when instead that post was just asking the developer to add it. So yes, it would seem the Yaesu HT doesn’t support vox, and APRSdroid doesn’t support RTS, so I’ve ordered a set of Baofeng cables myself and will try again when they arrive. I have a UV-5R that I rarely use anyway, and I can just devote it to this project. Good luck with the coding project. I’m not a coder at all, so I can’t assist, but I’d love to test it out if you get it added.

Ha! Similar paths indeed, I ordered the Baofeng kit last night! The UV5r was my gateway drug.


I’m afraid you will also be disappointed with UV-5R VOX performance in this situation. I’ve not had very much luck with it (~1/100 packets get picked up). Most posts I’ve read advocate the used of a TNC. I will say that some people seem to like the VOX setup and find it adequate. This is may be a function of variable UV-5R build quality. I don’t know. My next step is to build a KISS TNC which hopefully will help. If not I suppose a radio upgrade is the next step.

That wouldn’t surprise me, either. I’ve been disappointed with many aspects of the UV-5R over the years, but they are fun to experiment with. The funny part is that I started out with the Yaesu cable specifically so I wouldn’t have to deal with the Baofeng issues. The Yaesu works fine with WoAD and flmsg. I’ll poke around with the Baofeng awhile, and then maybe someone will add RTS support to APRSdroid in the future. So many projects, so little time. =)

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If I might suggest another KISS TNC. I have built a couple of these and they work well for what they are.


I don’t view this KISS TNC as a competitor to the Digirig, however if this recommendation is considered poor form, please remove this post.

Hey, we’re all hams here. Whatever tool works best for the project there is no need to hold back recommendations.

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Does that design work with APRSdroid? The reason I’m going with the more complicated version, against my better judgement, is that I need bluetooth for APRSdroid.