APRSISCE/32 digirig setup

Does any one have a good how to for digirig and APRSISCE/32? I have a FTM-400XDR in my jeep and want to use my Toughpad FZ-G1 as a APRS iGate/Station. But i want to be able to TX FM from the toughbook. The Yaesu Cable only allows for RX… Has anyone set t his up before? Im mainly needing to know what to configure in APRSISCE for the digirig itself.

Feel free to post the screenshots of the configuration screens in the software and I’ll suggest the settings to try.

These are the only settings for the rf port… does it need a middle ware like fl rig or direwolf?

I did some light research and it looks like it is possible to point APRSISCE/32 to a virtual TNC such as sound modem (AGW option). See this is done using another interface, but the approach is the same.

If you need help configuring soundmodem with Digirig, check out these posts.

Awesome!!! I’ll give it a go. Thank you

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That worked.

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Hi Robert,
I’m running APRSISCE/32 on a 10" Winbook tablet with Windoze 8.1. I found no way to send GPS or data TO the FTM400. Thus I am using one GPS to feed my location to APRSISCE/32 and the FTM 400’s TNC to send surrounding stations to APRSISCE/32 and beacon my position. It took me a long time to figure that one out. If your tough book has it’s own GPS that’ll solve that. I really wanted to use the messaging function of APRSISCE/32, but Yaesu won’t let me. The messaging from the FTM 400 screen is, […language filtering…] Less than ideal.

How are you getting data TO the FTM 400? Viathe data port or via audio?
73, kc8sfq