Are Digirig audio TRRS cables compatible with Mobilinkd TRRS cables?

I just bought my 3rd Digirig and I have 3 Mobilink TNCs. I have lots of handset cables for the Mobilinkd. I only have 6-pin Mini-DIN for the Digirig.
Has anybody looked at wiring diagrams, schematics, or even tested the compatibility of Mobilinkd and Digirig audio cables?

I don’t expect the accidental pinout match, but here’s how Digirig TRRS audio connection looks like:


So I could just create a short TRRS-male to TRRS-female adapter cable that would allow us to switch the pinout to either use Digirig cables with Mobilinkd or Mobilinkd cables with Digirig?
Here is the pinout of the Mobilinkd 3.5mm TRRS connector to the Radio:

  1. Tip = Speaker (audio input to TNC)
  2. Ring 1 = PTT (with S2 to right)
  3. Ring 2 = Mic (and PTT with S2 to left)
  4. Sleeve = GND/Common

TRRS Pinout

Looks like a fun project. Though my choice would be to just use two separate cables.