Audio is too hot or too cold

I use the Digirig on two different computers. One is a Dell desk top running Windows 10. The other is an HP notebook running Windows 11. While using JS8 Call on both computers, I am having trouble controlling the input sound level on both computers. The odd thing is on the Dell, the sound is too hot. I go into settings and turn down everything I can but the levels are still red lined. On the HP with the same program, I can barely get enough sound to be readable. I am using an Icom 737. The audio out the acc jack is fixed so there is no adjustment regardless the volume level setting. Other than that everything seems to be working properly.

Frustrating! I agree it is contradictory behavior.

Perhaps the Dell, where the audio is hot, has the AGC set on. mmsys.cpl directly calls the sound settings on Windows. Initially, I was confused about whether I had AGC set or not until I used mmsys.cpl.

In my experience, using a USB headset occasionally resets some of the sound settings I need for digirig audio.

73 Constrainted

Rick, check that you have AGC option unchecked in properties on the Digirig’s recording device in the Control Panel on both computers.

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