Baofeng - Gpredict - HamLib

Does anyone know the radio model I should use from the rigctl radio list? I don’t see Baofeng or digi as options.

I’m trying to rigctl using GPredict.

Baofeng is the brand. I’ll assume you are are trying to connect one of their HTs such as UV-5R or similar. As it is typical for HTs they don’t offer CAT control so you’ll need to select “none” from the CAT profile list and use PTT by RTS.

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Yea I had it laying around and just need an HT to do satellites, can’t really find any with CAT. Just need remote frequency adjustment so gpredict can control that

CAT is typically found in desktop radios and small number of mobile rigs.
Look at Yaesu FTM models. Some support serial CAT control.