BlackCat SSTV no receive audio

I am running BlackCat SSTV on my Mac Mini. I can transmit but I am not getting input audio on receive. I had everything working, last week, and now when started up again, I am not getting any input audio to the program.

Swapped the USB cable for another, no change.
Check cable are properly installed, no change
Plugged headphones into the audio plug, got audio on the right and left. The slider for the USB Audio Device under the Sound setting, Output: to the right, no sound. When slid to the left, sound.

So I can transmit but cannot receive. I am at a loss for what to try next.

If you get anything Digirig related detected by the computer then the USB cable and connection are likely ok. Try to revisit the audio settings configuration in the digital modes app and explicitly re-select Digirig’s audio component even if they are showing as selected.

On Windows I would also suggest enabling “listen” box to monitor the incoming audio. Not sure if there is an equivalent setting on mac. The summary of the audio troubleshooting techniques can be found in below video

Ok, thanks for the reply. I followed the video and I think the Digirig is operating as it should. I suspect that the software is not working as it should.

The audio output seems to be working, I transmit audio, receive audio can be detected in the computer audio input but the software does not seem to be detecting it and the input audio spectrum display is blank, no response.

I did have the software working at one time, but I cannot get it to work now. I am open to suggestions. :innocent: :bulb: