Blown CI-V Cable?


I’m having issues controlling my Icom IC-7000 using the serial port and CI-V cable. Everything was working fine until one day I switched to work on 20m (not sure if this is relevant) and for some reason I would get disconnects while transmitting (hitting retry on WSJT-X seemed to solve the issue). This was fine until one time the connection using serial no longer worked.

While debugging I narrowed it down to a faulty cable, but I’m not 100% sure my assessment is accurate (also, why would it all of a sudden break). While doing the loopback test I found:

  1. Having the digirig connected without any serial cable attached, shows characters in the terminal as expected.
  2. Having the digirig connected to the faulty cable, no characters shown in the loopback test (or random characters)
  3. Having the digirig connected to a different TRS - TRS cable, shows characters in the terminal as expected.

I tested the continuity for the TRS - TRRS cable and found that:

  1. T-T, continuity ok
  2. S-S, continuity ok
  3. R-R1, no continuity

I’m in the process of creating a new TRS - TRRS cable to see if that fixes my connection issue, but I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how the cable could have gone faulty (or even if the cable is at fault).


The only possibility that comes in mind is that there is a short S-T in the cable.
Can you check for that?

No short in the cable. I made my own cable (which passes the loopback test), but still cannot the radio. I suspect this is now an issue with my IC-7000.

We can arrange an exchange of Digirig kit just for a good measure.
The cable situation doesn’t sound right. Maybe there are bent pins in Digirig’s socket?

Yeah, I’m ready to try anything, it should give us a definitive answer as to where the problem lies. Let me know how to proceed on the exchange and we can get that started.


RMA is in DM