BPQ32 using a digirig on a Kenwood TS590 without internal soundcard Transmit

Does anyone know how to get the digirig transmitting on BPQ32 using vara hf software on a kenwood ts590s that the internal soundcard went bad appreciate any help
Robby AA5AF

@Thurman_Roberson I do not have your radio. I do not have an answer, but I do not want your question to go too long without a response.

I see from the Kenwood site that it has13-pin ACC and 7-pin remote connectors. I have attached a diagram of the rear panel:

There is a COM port, a USB port as well. There are lots of possibilities to reach success with the Digirig in this situation, I think.

73 Constrainted

Edited: Replaced TS-890s backpanel with TS-590s backpanel

This cable kit connects to ACC 2 and COM (requires Digirig’s RS-232 configuration):

Did internal USB interface fail? Only audio or serial UART too?

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Thanks for help got it working



Congratulations! Thanks for letting us know on this forum.

I corrected the backpanel diagram in the earlier post.

73 Constrainted