BTECH 50x2 not connecting

I have an Anytone 878, a baofeng Uv 5R and they work fine with sending email on winlink.

I connect up the 50x2 using the same cable via the rj45 adapter and get and get the reply but no connection. I read somewhere the radio is not switching over quick enough?

I solved this, you need to make sure the audio is going to the RJ45 adapter. By default this is OFF.

Menu 61 allows you to do EAR (RJ45 only) or EAR + SP which plays through the internal speaker as well.

Finally make sure the squelch is turned down.

Got it working on the PC and Raspberry Pi 4


Congrats and thanks for the detailed menu settings.

73 Constrainted


Any chance I could get a detailed set of instructions for getting the 878 to work with the DR.


Rick, K7RCR

Well done, sir. I love that radio. Their Y-cable was such a good idea.
-Damon (K9CQB)