Cable construction for FT-2980 and digirig

Does anyone have detailed instructions on building a cable for the 2980? I’ve seen many hams link the instructions for the cable that’s in the manual on page 52, but that doesn’t look like what i need to use the DigiRig. Any help is appreciated

Here are some relevant posts: Topics tagged yaesu-ft-2980
There is a store cable for it: Yaesu RJ-12 Cable for Digirig Mobile – digirig

Thanks, i went ahead and purchased the cable for the FT-2980 but i can’t find any specifics on hooking it up to the digirig. Am i just using the TRRS cable end to the digirig and the mono plug to the rear of the radio?

Yes, the TRRS end goes into Digirig’s socket labeled “audio”.