Cable for Alinco DR-135T

K0TX and I worked through this already. You’ll need a 3.5mm TRRS pigtail and a DB9 male connector. There are separate pins for 1200 or 9600 baud.

Packet reception (pin 2 or 4) to Tip (rig afout)
Packet transmit (pin 3 or 9) to Ring 1 (rig afin)
PTT (pin 7) to Ring 2 (rig ptt)
Ground (pin 5) to Sleeve (gnd)

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Digirig TRRS diagram.


Zachary, thank you for posting the info.
If you have a picture of the working setup, please post it here as well.

Operators, please post your requests here if there is interest in adding this cable to the store.

More info for those building homebrew cable (uses DB9 male):

Alinco DR-135T DR-135E Instruction_Manual.pdf (1.5 MB) (page 35)

Remember, the back of the connector is the same pinout as the rear of the radio, so you don’t have to mirror it. That way you don’t end up unsoldering the whole thing and doing it again.

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will the rs232 db9 cable in your store work with this radio?

The stock cable’s pinout is intended for the standard RS-232 (serial) connection.
This Alnico uses the same connector for different purpose (audio/PTT) and the RS-232 pinout is not going to work.

thank you. i would be interested in one added to the store. referring to you previous post


I would be interested in this cable being added in the store…

I’m still not certain about general interest, but for few of you here I can custom build these.
You can order RS-232 cable and leave a note that you want Alinco DR-135T instead. Also please specify if you want 1200 or 9600 baud pinout.