Cable for AnyTone AT-5555N

Any chance this cable may work with the AnyTone AT-5555N II 10m radio? I’d like to get a new Technician up to speed with JS8Call and WinLink.

I couldn’t quickly find the pinout for the mic cable on AT-5555N, but from what I found it doesn’t look like it’s compatible with Anytone AT-D578UV. Here’s a picture of a jack mic adapter for AT-5555N found here.


We can see pins at the edges (1 & 8) are not connected, while Anytone AT-D578UV would be using them for GND and PTT.

Thanks Denis! Les wy0gtr at HamMadeParts pointed me to these two cables that together should make the connection:

Anytone AT-5555n RJ-45 Mic Plug and 1/8" Speaker Plug to 5 Pin Din or DB9 TNC Plug

TNC Cable Adapter - 5 Pin Din Female to Mobilinkd or DigiRig 3.5 mm TRRS plug


KK4WXA, did you find a way to get the AT-555N II working with digital modes like JSCall and WSJT? What cable worked and did you use Digirig with it?

Based on the below pinout it appears that AT-778UV cable should also work for AT-5555


Please report your test results here.

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