Cable for Barrett 4050

DB25 Pin 1 → 3.5 TRRS (audio) sleeve - GND
DB25 Pin 9 → 3.5 TRRS (audio) ring 2 - PTT
DB25 Pin 11 → 3.5 TRRS (audio) ring 1 - RIG_AFIN
DB25 Pin 12 → 3.5 TRRS (audio) tip - RIG_AFOUT

DB25 Pin 24 → DB25 Pin 1 (Audio In Balanced to Ground)
DB25 Pin 25 → DB25 Pin 1 (Audio Out Balanced to Ground)

DB25 Pin 7 → 3.5 TRRS (serial) sleeve - GND
DB25 Pin 2 → 3.5 TRRS (serial) tip - RIG_RXD
DB25 Pin 3 → 3.5 TRRS (serial) ring 1 - RIG_TXD

The manual can be found here.
Please post your requests if you would like to see this cable offered in store.

Hello all,

I have been working on this on and off for a few months now. Can confirm the following pinout:

DigiRig Barrett
Tip (RIG_AFOUT) = Pin 12 (Bal. Tx Audio In)
Ring1 (RIG_AFIN) = Pin 11 (Bal. Rx Audio Out)
Ring2 (RIG_PTT) = Pin 9 (Auxiliary PTT input)
Sleeve = Pin 13 (Ground) + Loop to Pin 24*

RS232 Cable
Tip (RIG_RXD) = Pin 2 (RS-232 data input)
Ring1 (RIG_TXD) = Pin 3 (RS-232 data output)
Ring2 (3V3_OUT) = NC
Sleeve = Pin 7 (RS-232 Ground)

*Yes, this is correct. Only need to ground the second leg of the balanced input. Without it, no audio will pass.


  1. Because we are only using one leg of the balanced output, you need to use the built in attenuator for the Line Out (in the protected menu) to -6 to -9dBm.
  2. There are lots of discussions about using 600ohm convertors to go from balanced to unbalanced audio, this is not required at all. Even when the manufacturer themselves make cables to connect to 3rd party modems and devices, they do it the same was as I have above.

Obviously rig control support is sparse on these radios, but the latest HAMLIB does support the 4050 due to the efforts of myself and the HAMLIB support team.

Software I have tested:

Please note that this will also work for the Barrett 2050 and Barrett 4050.

Any feedback is welcomed.

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Here’s the document contributed by Brian WB5BL

Digirig with the Barrett 2050 & 4050 ALE/Selcall Transceivers
Brian Lloyd, WB5BL/NNA6BL

Digirig4050.pdf (1.6 MB)

Yeah, I agree mostly with that attachment and can confirm it works with the 2050 and 4050. I found I did not have to use the 20db attenuator, but that’s rather here nor there.

Can also confirm the RS232 works great via the digirig for both radios too.

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