Cable for BTech DMR-6X2 HT

Good day. The BaofengTech (BTech) DMR-6X2 transceiver is physically similar to the Anytone 878 transceiver which is listed on the Digirig compatability page, but there are several firmware differences between the two radios.

However, there are no references to BTech radios on the Digirig compatibility webpage.

To your knowledge, will the Digirig cable for the Anytone 878 work on the BTech DMR-6X2?

Thank you for your assistance.

From what I can tell BTech DMR-6X2 takes K1 connector, same as Baofeng. It will likely work with the audio cable, less likely with the programming cable.

Let us know your findings if you decide to give it a try.

I was hoping i could find someone who had already tried it. So it looks like I’m going to be the guinea pig! As long as the audio cable works thats fine since i have a programming cable already.

Thanks for the response.

Kevin, W4KCA