Cable for BTECH UV-25

3.5mm TRRS headset socket in the back has all required signals:


Digirig TRRS to TRRS audio cable will look like this:

BT tip (PTT) → DR ring 2 (PTT)
BT ring 1 (MIC) → DR ring 1 (RIG_AFIN)
BT ring 2 (SP) → DR tip (RIG_AFOUT)
BT sleeve (GND) → DR sleeve (GND)

Manual (1.1 MB)

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Worked for me BTech UV-25X4


I have a UV-25x4 radio and when I connect the TRRS audio cable from the headset to the audio in on the Digirig. The radio starts transmitting. The Digirig is connected to the computer and the port is set up. I have also used this same Digirig on the UV-5R radio and it works fine. Any suggestions to get this working would be appreciated. I did also jumper from the GND to the PTT on the TRRS cable when it was connected to the radio and it did start to transmit like it should.
Thanks for any help you can give.

I did some for testing and found the UV-25x4 radio transmits when I also jumper from the GND to the PTT. It will also transmit when I jumper from SP to GND. I think this indicates I have an internal problem with my radio.

It’s quite common in radios to share the line between MIC and PTT, but I would agree that SP and PTT is an unusual combination.

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Is there a cable for this?

This one does not work, assume it does not have enough connections.

Is there a cable in the store for this?

I will reply to my own post the jack on the back of the 50x2 is different. It is just a speaker out.

The series 2 comes with an adapter to connect to the RJ45 jack. You do need to go into the menu to make sure the audio is enabled.

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Thanks for update. If you come across any connection info/pinouts, please share it here. This will help with homebrew build and maybe eventually a store cable.

This is the adapter that comes with the second generation 50x2.

You can then use the baofeng HT cable as seen in the photo.

You need to make sure Menu 61 you turn on the audio to the RJ45. Default is OFF

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