Cable for Kenwood TM-281

Based on below image from the manual, Digirig audio cable will look like this:


RJ-45 pin 3 (GND) → 3.5mm TRRS sleeve (GND)
RJ-45 pin 4 (PTT) → 3.5mm TRRS ring 2 (RIG_PTT)
RJ-45 pin 5 (GND) → 3.5mm TRRS sleeve (GND)
RJ-45 pin 6 (MIC) → 3.5mm TRRS ring 1 (RIG_AFIN)

3.5mm TRS tip (SPK) → 3.5mm TRRS tip (RIG_AFOUT)

Different sources use different directions for pin numbering on RJ-45
Refer to picture, this is the socket view on the transceiver.

kenwood-tm-281-instruction-manual.pdf (1.4 MB)

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