Cable for QMAC HF-90

Has anyone tried to get an HF-90 operating with the DigiRig…??
I don’t think CAT would be possible - but happy to be told otherwise.
Mainly just the PTT line & audio…all of which is available at the Mic socket.

Here is the pinout that I located in the transceiver documentation:


Based on it here is the map of connections to Digirig’s 3.5mm TRRS audio socket

6 (Ground) should be connected to sleeve (GND)
5 (Press to talk) to R2 (PTT)
1 (Mic1) or 7 (Mic2) should be connected to R1 (RIG_AFIN)
4 (Loud speaker) should be connected to T (RIG_AFOUT)

Receive/Transmit data pins appear to be for serial digital data. They can be connected to Digirig’s serial port, however the documentation doesn’t mention serial CAT control capabilities anywhere so it’s likely for some internal device specific status/control.

Please post the update if you give this a try.

No luck so far.
The Mic1 & Mic2 are 2 sides of a balanced input - I have grounded Mic2.

The RX audio works fine.

PTT is not working with this wiring.
WSJT-X Config- Radio set to None.

Time to start fiddling - will update when I get a chance to play with it…

To see if the PTT issue has to do with software configuration or wiring/hardware, short sleeve and the closest ring on the Digirig’s side of the cable while the other side is plugged into the transceiver.


This should cause the radio to key up. If it does - look at the software, if it doesn’t then look at the cable/pinout.

Had a play with the QMAC HF-90 last night.
PTT set to RTS
Had a long contact with a VK3 station aprox 600Km away on JS8-Call.
Cabling as per earlier details.

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As a minor follow up.
I have been running Sorcerer Decoder using the DigiRig & it is decoding HF Selcall fine.


Great news! Glad its working with Digirig!

Just an update after some time using the QMAC HF-90.
There is no CAT. The rig needs a fan, even at 10Watts.
But it works brilliantly.

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