Cable for QYT KT-WP12 / Anysecu WP-9900

Hello! This is a long shot, but maybe a fun puzzle for somebody. :sweat_smile:

I created a custom cable to interface with the Anysecu WP-9900. The pinout of the hand mic is:


The good news: audio in/out works
The bad news: PTT does not work

What I discovered is when pin 1 in shorted, it actually presses the MONI button (#1), not the PTT:


In other words, a short “press” on pin 1 toggles the “monitoring” mode, and a long “press” turns the radio on and off.

Is the pinout simply mislabeled from the manufacturer?

To check for other pin combinations, I tried to press down the PTT button and used a continuity checker. Only pin 1 and the MONI button was a match.

There is also a serial port on the radio, which does work with the Digirig and Chirp. Can the DATA port be used to engage the PTT somehow?

Thank you for any suggestions!

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@spatulacity I don’t own your radio, but I didn’t want your question to go unaddressed for too long. Is it correct to say that the radio with handmic works correctly, to engage PTT and transfer voice over mic, and to allow you to listen when PTT is off?

73 Constrainted

@Constrainted that is all correct! The hand mic receives and sends when the PTT is depressed as expected.

If I could only figure out what exactly the PTT button is “doing”, electrically speaking. In other words, rather than shorting pin 1, perhaps pressing PTT sends a signal like the Menu, Up, Down, etc. buttons? And then, of course, I’d need a way to replicate that “signal”.

I have a limited understanding of electronics, so my apologies if I’m using the wrong terminology. Thank you for your help!

Try shorting pins directly on the radio’s connector:

If that keys up your radio then there is a problem with the wiring of your cable.

Hello @K0TX,

Shorting pins 1 + 8 directly on the radio has the same effect as:

  • shorting ring2 + sleeve on the cable
  • pressing the MONI button (#1) on the handmic

Unfortunately, it does not key up the radio.

Then what they call PTT line is not what normal PTT is.
If there is a support contact for the manufacturer or distributor I’d ask them about how the radio can be keyed up from accessories.

Not normal, indeed. It’s an odd little radio.

My message to the manufacturer has been unanswered so far.

In the meantime, any other suggestions are welcomed. Thank you both for your replies.