Cable for TYT-9800

So I’ve just got my new digirig and FT-8xx cables in the mail. Since the TYT-9800 is a knock off of the Yaesu 8900, I just assumed the cables would be the same. They’re not. The rear of the TYT rig has a type B mini usb data port, not even close to the Yaesu counterpart.
Does anyone have some advice on what my options are? I’m new to the hobby and have just started soldering, and could probably handcraft a cable if given a link to a YouTube video or instructions somewhere.
Any help is appreciated!

im in the same boat, I watched techpreppers video on his manpacks and this exact radio… and noticed the same thing… I asked this question on his video… lets see if someone answers.

Yes I’m curious if I’ll be able to use this radio at all. If you find a solution I’d really appreciate it if you’d post it here!

this setup should do it!

Hello there! I have the TH-9800 and I’m using the cable mark
“Digirig Cable for Yaesu FTM3100” bar code “11885 91165”.
Hope this info helps!
Jorge VE3EAD

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