Cables for ICOM ID-5100

I’m afraid that I might be in the same boat (or similar) as Jim, here’s my ID-5100a story:

I purchased what was marketed as the CI-V version of the DigiRig from as part of their ICOM-compatible kit that included the RJ-45+TRRS cable and CI-V version of the DigiRig.

When I hooked up the kit like this: ICOM[SP2+MIC] ↔ DigiRig[Audio_Jack]

…nothing would initially happen however when I tried to hit the Test CAT button in WSJT-x the radio’s PTT would trigger and start to transmit. I’d have to go as far as unplugging the USB cord from the PC to get the radio to stop transmitting. After having these initial difficulties basically getting any sort of CAT connection to connect to the radio through SP2 I opened up the DigiRig and discovered that I was sent the stock(?) version of the unit instead of the CI-V version.

Being the generally handy type I was fine making the modifications myself. I next cut the connections and added some solder as per the instructions found here:

This is my work, which has good continuity checks even though my blob isn’t the prettiest:

My PCs all see the COM ports as well as the Audio controller however I’ve never been able to get a working CAT connection from the ID-5100 in the ICOM[SP2+MIC] ↔ DigiRig[Audio_Jack] configuration.

While not everyone has the same use cases I was personally only in the race for CAT control of the ID-5100; I didn’t really need the audio side for digital or FM use, I just wanted to adjust my radio’s basic settings from my PC and I thought this was the hardware that would do it. Is there maybe another way I could accomplish my goal with the equipment I have in front me of? Maybe I can use the serial output of the DigiRig instead of the Audio port without the MIC cable plugged in? Please forgive any of these possibly basic questions as I’m still quite new to the CI-V concept.

PS- Thanks for all your development efforts along the way, the DigiRig is important hardware to the radio community and I’m personally happy you took the time to engineer it for the benefit of the rest of us!

Currently there is no off-the-shelve ID-5100 Digirig kit with CAT/CI-V support. This thread discusses the DIY option which involves customizations of Digirig and addition of a serial CAT cable.

The RJ-45 kit from Gigaparts only includes the audio/PTT cable and it is not marketed as CAT/CI-V capable kit. It provides minimum functionality required for operating digital modes, but no optional serial CAT control. Because serial port on Digirig is not used in this scenario, the serial port can be in any (default in this case) configuration.

If you are interested in complementing your setup with CAT control you will need a separate TRS/TRRS cable going between Digirig’s (correctly configured) serial port and your transceiver’s SP2 connector. Details are earlier in this thread. Although other operators confirmed that this works, I never have a chance to personally verify this setup.

Got my ID-5100 up on Winlink VARA FM today. Using a RJ-45 / TRS audio cable ordered from Digirig store, a USB C to USB A cable from Amazon, a HP Windows 10 touch screen mini PC from Amazon Renewed with digirig interface.

TRS audio cable from the digirig plugged into Speaker 1 Jack on the ID5100. Followed the Delaware County ARES setup instructions for the ID-4100. Be sure to download the Silicon Labs Digirig Driver CP210x USB to UART Bridge driver mentioned in the Delaware instructions. Audio control to VARA FM adjusted from the 5100 audio gain on the control head.

Cheers… KX7YT

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Congratulations! The suggestion to download the latest Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge driver is also mentioned in the instructions on the Digirig site:

Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig

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Hi very new to this whole hobby but am looking ar buying an icom 5100e but need to be able to set the frequency via serial port from PC. This thread looks like it can be done but could someone let me know what hardware / cables I need. Thanks

Your project you’ll need:

Thank you!