Cables for ICOM ID-5100

Hello! Any chance of an ID-5100 cable for digital modes?

I ordered the icom RJ45 cable and plugged into Speaker A and the mic spots. Other end to audio port of Digirig. I can report that I was able to connect via WINLINK over FM.

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To be clear …

The TRS plug into speaker A and the RJ-45 into the microphone jack. Or did I misunderstand the “mic spot”?

Further clarification/confirmation … by speaker A, you mean speaker 1?

Are you using a PC or RPi?

Tnx … Tom VE3NY

You have rephrased it perfectly. This was using a mini windows 11 computer. I will test with a pi tomorrow

Wow … this seems like a simple way to configure ID-5100 for digital modes. What digital modes are you running? Which version of Digirig are you using?

Regarding RPi, I look forward to your experience but I can try now since I also have mini PC running W10

tnx … Tom VE3NY