Cables for Kenwood TM-261

I own a Kenwood TM-261, and plan on using it with Digiring. It uses an 8-pin microphone connector that resembles a phone or Ethernet cable. Does anyone know whether it can be used with digirig? If so, what cables should I get? Thank you in advance.


I found a service manual for TM-261 and here’s the pinout info for the MIC:


This matches RJ-45 cable for ICOM:

Please let me know how it went if you decide to give it a try.


I’ve now ordered my Digirig and the RJ-45 cables and will keep you updated. Anything else I need to buy? (I already have a good usb-c cable)

:+1: You should be all set with what you got.

I just received everything. Everything seems to be working, but I can’t get the PTT to turn on. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Check out this video for PTT config and troubleshooting:

I was going to try that but ended up successfully using the same digirig and cables on a club rig, an Icom IC-706MK2G. In that case, both the digirig and the cables are working fine; it must be the radio. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Give it another try with your own radio and if that doesn’t work, try troubleshooting method from the video to see if that triggers the PTT.