Cables for Kenwood TM-733A

Based on the manual Kenwood TM-733A should work with the 1200 baud MiniDin6 audio cable from Yaesu FT-8xx kit and with 9600 baud MiniDin6 cable.


FT817 cable confirmed.

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I can confirm the 9600 baud Mini-DIN cable for Kenwood works with the TM-733A. I ran both 1200 and 9600 baud APRS using the digirig and Direwolf. I also worked M17 digital voice using 9600 baud with the 9600 baud cable + digirig + m17-mod-gui software (Windows & Linux versions available).

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The TM-733A isn’t great for M17 digital voice. The transmitter is a little unstable which results in waves in the SDR++ M17 graph (bottom left if the graphic). A good M17 signal will have thin, straight lines that match up with the graph’s reference lines. This instability might be caused by the 25+ year old capacitors in the radio.

That being said the M17 signal is usable. There are occasional audio glitches and the signal will drop out temporarily but the contacts I made were understandable.

To use the TM-733A with M17 I put the radio into 9600 baud mode (9600 showing on right edge of radio display), connected the digirig using the digirig 9600 baud Mini-DIN cable for Kenwood, and used m17-mod-gui.exe (Windows and Linux versions available). For M17 reception I used SDR++ with the M17 module (as seen in the below graphic).