Cables for QYT KT-7900D

Surecom/QYT KT-7900D, KT-8900D, KT-UV980

With these radios we have a 3.5mm TRRS data port which can be interfaced with Digirig:

3.5mm Male TRRS Digirig Side (Audio) <-> 3.5mm Male TRRS Radio Side
Tip (RIG_AFOUT) → Ring2 (SP)
Ring1 (RIG_AFIN) → Ring1 (MIC)
Ring2 (PTT) → Tip (PTT)
Sleeve (GND) → Sleeve (GND)

The straight through cable can used for programming the radio with Digirig:

3.5mm Male TRS/TRRS Digirig Side (Audio) <-> 3.5mm Male TRS/TRRS Radio Side

Tip (RIG_RXD) → Tip (RX)
Ring1 (RIG_TXD) → Ring1 (TX)
Ring2 (3V3) → NC
Sleeve (GND) → Sleeve (GND)

Please report your results.

I got a report from Jeff KO4NCC. Despite what is outlined in the documentation, what worked for Jeff with QYT KT-8900 was the reversed audio lines:


DigiRigKT8900-D Cable.pdf (184.4 KB)