Cables for TEN-TEC Model 588+ OMNI-VII+

From the manual we get this:

This looks good for audio/PTT connection:

Appears to be a full size DIN5 connector. No store cable for that at the time of writing. The homebrew audio cable will look like this:

DIN5 pin 1 (Audio In) → 3.5mm TRRS ring 1 (RIG_AFIN)
DIN5 pin 2 (Gnd) → 3.5mm TRRS sleeve (GND)
DIN5 pin 3 (PTT) → 3.5mm ring2 (RIG_PTT)
DIN5 pin 4 (Audio Out) → 3.5mm TRRS tip (RIG_AFOUT)

That’s a bummer. Looks like industry standard MiniDin6. That would make things easier.

Female DB9 connector on the radio’s side for some reason. :man_facepalming:
No pinout info, but we can assume/hope for standard pinout with RS-232 levels.

The homebrew serial cable will look like this:
DB9 Pin 2 (RxD) → 3.5mm TRRS tip (RIG_RXD)
DB9 Pin 3 (TxD) → 3.5mm TRRS ring 1 (RIG_TXD)
DB9 Pin 5 (GND) → 3.5mm TRRS sleeve (GND)
DB9 Pin 7 (RTS) → DB9 Pin 8 (CTS)

Please report your results if you give it a try.


As a less attractive alternative to the accessory connection for the audio/PTT, it is possible to use mic/phones jack for that in front with the available store cable:

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