Cables for Yaesu FT-7800R

Based on below image this transceiver should accept 1200 baud miniDin6 audio/PTT cable from Yaesu FT-8xx kit or 9600 baud MiniDin6 cable.

Any Digirig configuration will work since we are not using serial port for CAT control here.


I can verify that the audio cable for the Yaesu FT-8xx kit sold here will work on the FT-7800R as well - i use it all the time with the Digirig Mobile for both FLDIGI and Echolink (I host an Echolink node to a local repeater). It should also work with the FT-7900 (I have one of those in my car and will test that soon) and most other Yaesu rigs with the DATA port.

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Hi Alan … Did you ever test the ft-7900 with the ft8xx cables?

Willie, I have not - turns out that there is a problem with my FT-7900. I apparently have one of the Chinese clones of that unit, and it will not stay in the packet 1200 mode; it insists on changing to packet 9600, and I don’t have the 9600 miniDin cable (nor do I want it, because that would cause a lot of settings to change when I use FLDIGI for digital modes.

Oh dear … that’s to bad. i hear there are some other (undesirable rigs) that are cloned off the fake 7900. A few friends and i have been thinking about trying some sstv (via mmsstv) on 2-meter simplex. Not many folks bother with vhf digital stuff, so not to much info out there. i don’t know how digirig would work on vhf for sstv. I have a signaLink and cable to din jack of ft-7900. Wired correctly and double checked jumpers are also set properly. Using vox and still have issue with keying on Windows 10. it should work fine, cause there is no com-ports and radio type settings. just refuses to transmit in win-10. The codecs selected are via built in sound card via Sl. i suppose digirig has one too. Might try linux and move away from windows. just saying.

Digirig will do fine for SSTV on FM as well as SSB. One thing to keep in mind is your radio might hit the TX timeout on the higher resolution images.

Alrighty … Thank You. I didn’t even think about the time out timer. :slightly_smiling_face: