Cables for Yaesu FTDX-1200

Looking at the rear panel of the radio we find all the connections we need for audio/ptt/CAT:

From the manual we get the pinouts:


Same connections can be found in Kenwood TS-480 kit:

The RX/TX pinout of the DB9 cable appears to match that of the Kenwood, but it is possible that the signal names are given from the perspective of the computer and are reversed. I have cables in both variants so if one doesn’t work let me know and we’ll do the exchange. Alternatively, this thing exists:

Hey there, I have this radio and I’m having issues getting the digital audio to come down to the software I’ve done all the troubleshooting steps and I still cannot get this radio to work with WSJT-X or Winlink, I also can’t get the digital audio to be heard by the software. I get no signals in WSJT-X even though I can hear all the sounds on the speaker in the radio itself it just isn’t being heard by the radio itself.

Do you use MiniDin6 audio cable from Digirig store or a homebrew cable?
Are you able to trigger PTT (via RTS) with it?

Hey K0TX,

I am using cables I bought from the Digirig store that are listed for the Kenwood as that is what the tags say I should be using as well as this post. Yes I’m able trigger PTT but only if I use flrig as WSJT-X just doesn’t communicate well with my radio, but the waterfall stays dead no sound comes back to WSJT-X and winlink doesn’t PTT at all with my radio.

You mentioned doing the troubleshooting steps.
What was the result with “listen” checkbox (solution #10 under “audio from transceiver”).

when I followed the steps there was no “listen” checkbox, I’m using the correct driver for Windows 11 but there’s no "listen checkbox available

Hmm. I wonder how that looks. Can you please open the corresponding screen on your computer and share the screenshot:

I definitely will as soon as I get a chance.

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Hi K0TX,

So I managed to get it to PTT to WSJT-X but nothing gets sent to the rig at all and while i look at the speaker portion its flat dead nothing is going to my radio at all.

Hi K0TX,

So in a last ditch effort to do some more troubleshoiting i wanted to see if maybe the DB9 CAT cable was to blame. So I did a loopback test and the result is I didn’t even have to plug in the TRRS to DB9 CAT cable the digirig was giving me a readout in putty absolutely nothing is attached to it except the computer so I’m not sure what this is indicative of but I don’t think thats supposed to happen. What should i do at this point?

Let’s proceed with the the order recommended in the getting started guide and deal with optional serial/CAT control after required functions are working.

I understand that you got PTT sorted out, let’s deal with audio in and audio out. Please review the corresponding sections of the troubleshooting guide and report your finding.