Cables from DigiRig to MICOM 3T

I want to use a DigiRig with my MICOM 3T transceiver for VARA HF / Winlink comms. I have a schematic ( which I think will be needed between the radio and the DigiRig. Could you take a look at this schematic and tell me if a custom cable can be made (that is, made by DigiRig) for the ends of the audio and serial cables from the DigiRig to the interface depicted on the schematic. Before I buy the parts for the interface I would need to know what connectors would be on the end of the DigiRig cables so I can buy the appropriate receptacle connectors.


You can match the MiniDin6 connection in the drawing you referenced with Digirig’s MiniDin6 cable and that will give you the pinout for the cable end-to-end:

The alternative would be to use a mic connector which also appears to have serial lines which can be connected to Digirig’s serial port.

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