Cannot find driver for cp2102n

“USB Product Name” = “CP2102N USB to UART Bridge Controller, I cannot find the pilot for this usb.
I try to setup my FT-857D and Digirig with the cables supplied by Digirig. No result till now.

That’s frustrating. There is a Getting Started with Digirig Mobile – digirig with the information you need. That article has a link to the driver

You are very close to success!

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Envoyé de mon appareil Samsung de Bell via le réseau le plus vaste au pays.

De rien.

Please let us know how it works out.

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Go to the Yaesu website and download their drivers, they have them.

You probably mean Silicon Labs website. That is the source recommended by Digirig and also the instruction from Yaesu.

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Yes it works fine, but I cannot lower the receiving db in the LH corner, it always remain around 80 db in the red zone.
Thanks for your help.

@Gerald I do not own the FT-857D. Maybe an expert will comment with an exact solution. Peut-etre une personne francophone…

My comment is yes, my input also runs “hot” into one of my radios, but not in the Red Zone of Vara FM VUmeter. Are you using Vara HF or Vara FM?

If you cannot adjust this level with mmsys.cpl for the Digirig USB recording device, or the receive output of the FT-857D, there is a remedy. If you have a Digirig 1.9, there is a 20db Input Attenuator you can set on the Digirig.

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