Cat Control for FTDX10 while using SCULAN10

I recently added a SCU LAN 10 to be able to use my radio over my LAN and even WAN, but this means that the one USB port is tied up for the SCU LAN 10. I found a couple threads online that describe using the SCU-17 with RS232 and the FTDX10’s RTTY/Data port to gain back CAT control with other software (like OmniRig). Could the Digirig do this for me? It looks like I would use the Kenwood TS-480 cords for Digirig Mobile.

@K1SPS I do not have experience with this radio. The Digirig’s serial port should be able to work, with the right configuration and cables. You can understand more from this guide Digirig Mobile Rev 1.9.

What capability does the SCU LAN 10 give you? I am surprised it does not have CAT, but I don’t know the radio.

73 Constrainted

It gives me remote control of the radio, but only through Yaesu’s app but I cant use any other third party CAT apps like Omni Rig without switching the USB to a computer direct. I was hoping to have the capability to remotely access through the SCULAN10 but then also have local cat control when in the shack.

OK thanks for your explanation. I have a radio with proprietary Bluetooth, and I have not achieved a workaround for that. I think you will have better luck with your situation. Keep going!

73 Constrainted