Cat control for usdx using sdrplay console for receive

I got my Digirig cube today, I’ve been reading as much as some of you going through your setup!
I’ve been using sdrplay receiver with Simon Browns Console software because it has auto mute, and also a great software for my sdrplay, I have a UNO!
My transmitter has been a Kenwood T599A tube rig, and I’ve had to zero beat every time I changed frequencies!
Also my Transmit antenna is an Inverted Vee feed with home brew 600 ohm open wire, with 4to1 balun and a tuner!
Receive antenna is a folded terminated dipole with 200ft of 174coax soldered the center to outer shield , and is 7ft off the ground, the termination is 600 ohm on top and a 12to1 balun on the bottom.
I’m in town and this is the best receiving antenna that I ever had in town, worked around the world with this setup!
Now getting around to the next step in this setup!
I want a transmitter that can be hooked up to cat control so it will follow my Sdr and software that I choose to run!
So for getting started I choose to buy this usdx and it will be hooked up to an amp that should be able to run a half watt qrpp to 200 watts qro!
So with all of this info, I would like some good advice for tomorrows indevers as for setup! Regards always W7PAU Paul

Thanks for posting about your project. There is much more than Digirig involved, as you have described, but it is great you have chosen it. Did you also receive the cables, or are you building them?

I will not let my limited experience stop me from offering advice, but take it with a grain of salt. With 600W available, I would probably blow up the SDRplay at some point.

Break the project up into smaller projects where you can verify operations and isolate problems for inspection.

Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

73 Constrainted

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Thanks fellows for responding to my project!
I bought the audio cables from digirig, black into the box green into hp and the red into key!
I used a 4 ring straight thru cable for the cat input in the back of the Sdrx+ radio!
In fldigi I got ptt and audio on my waterfall, also rf out about 3 high watts! Hi hi hi!
Anyway, I can’t seem to get frequency way yet? Not sure why?? Got a green bar on the cat in the program and red bar also in the program , but no control for freq??
I’m running com-o-com virtual com port pairing for my sdrplay, and that’s where I would like the frequency to be connected to for auto qsy for contesting and such, even band switching after I get the frequency qsy to work???
Anyway that’s as far as I got today! It’s been a real mind bender, learning all the ins and out of this little radio! Nothing is what it is before or after hi hi hi! 73s fellows, be posting again I’m sure! If you got any info or ideas give me a jingle W7PAU Paul

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So the Digirig and cables are working for you! Thanks for letting us know your progress on the system.

73 Constrainted

I ran ft8 last night to BC, but still no freq control!

Well i have given it a try, to come out with nothing that i really needed, nothing seems to work for very long and no qsl function, and i just read that the cube and the radio does not offer freq control, so no real cat for this setup, very disappointed on my end, cause i was told this would work not a problem or i would have never gone down this path, so no more crying and no more wasted time, 73s fellows and again thanks for your replies, W7PAU