CAT control of uBitX?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if CAT control of the HF Signals uBitX has been accomplished by anyone with the DigiRig? I see another group has done something called a uBitx digi-interface module, but that doesn’t look like that will directly interface with FLRIG & wsjt-x. At least not as far as I’ve seen yet.
I have noted the cable-for-ubitx/1448 post, but that looks like Audio only & not so sure about the PTT wiring yet. Thanks!

Typically CAT control is done via the serial port. Digirig has the port, so we just need the connection pinout on the transceiver side. Some light googling didn’t yield any good results. If you can find the serial CAT connection info I’ll be happy to sketch the pinout for the Digirig cable.