Chirp programing a Baofeng UV-5R

Does anyone have any tips on programing a UV-5R. I have factory reset the radio, verified the com port and tried at every many different volume levels and still get the same “radio not responding message” I have also done the test with putty to make sure that after connecting the tx and rx pins I get a mirror of what im typing.

Please make sure to use the green cable and connect it to the Digirig’s socket labeled “serial”. Digirig will have to be in the Logic Levels (default) configuration for that. The volume is not a factor for programming.

It is. I made sure of that one

Configuration too? Please check the PCB. In default configuration it should not have any solder or cuts on the jumpers.

I’m not sure what default looks like but here are some pix of the board

Yes, that checks out as a default configuration. If you did a loopback test through the cable then the cable should be ok. The alternative test to that would be to check the continuity according to the schematic in cable’s listing.

The next stop would be to check if the radio itself is ok. Do you have any other (loaner?) option to program that HT?

Cable test checks out. I don’t have another baofeng to try but this give me the excuse i need to get a second one!