Clock by F6CTE with Digirig

Clock is a program written by F6CTE, the author of multipsk and RSID. Clock allows your computer to use time signals from WWV, CHU, DF77, MSF, BBC etc to both display the time and also synchronize your computer’s clock if you choose.

An operator needs accurate time for FT4, FT8, EME modes, etc.

It is very easy to set up with Digirig and my radios:

When would this be useful?

  1. to study the HF clock signals
  2. set the computer time when in the field
  3. set the computer time when deployed to a shelter with no internet
  4. set the computer time when you are a guest operator not allowed to connect to the local internet
  5. set up a time server for a field net
  6. measure position with a sextant

73 Constrainted


Awesome! What type of accuracy are you seeing setting your computer’s clock with this program? I read in the help file something about accuracy being limited by processor speed. If you’re having good luck with this I’ll give it another look.

I do not know the accuracy. I think the docs say 1 sec accuracy for radio sources and minimum hardware, +/- 1sec if an RFC868 internet time server is the source. That’s much less than ntpd, my usual timekeeper.

CHU tries to deliver 10E-4s accuracy, so CLOCK is not really trying to take advantage of all the information the signal is providing.

The CHU driver in ntpd gets to 3ms accuracy. The WWV driver seems to be between 1ms and 9ms accuracy depending on conditions. I don’t know whether ntpd needs the GPS PPS signal for calibration or continuously to get those accuracy figures.

I mention CHU because I seem to be receiving it better than WWV recently.

I’m glad you didn’t ask about the sextant!

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Now I feel like I need a sextant tied into my system. Haha

CLOCK and ntpd can also take GPS as a time source.

73 Constrainted