Communication plug issues with Xiegu g90

I was configuring my g90 using the digirig with digirig cables to a windows laptop and thought I had everything set when the next day after a short session I lost cat control and could no longer connect to the g90. I tried both Omnirig and Flrig without success. After a lot of troubleshooting, the problem resolved when I removed the plug from the digirig to the communication port on the g90 and re-inserted it (it was not pulled out at all). This happened again a few days later. When I compare the plug with the one on a digimode sound card that I have, the plug seems to not fit quite as snug after insertion. I know the problem and the solution now, but Iā€™m wondering if this is a mechanical problem with the connection, or if by removing, and then reinserting the plug, am I resetting something.

This can also be an RFI problem and you reset the serial connection by unplugging and re-plugging it. There could be a mechanical explanation is the connection is subjected to stress. If the kit sits undisturbed when this happens it is unlikely due to contacts.

That makes sense. My order from Palomar for suppression ferrite core components arrived and I will get them installed. Thanks for the quick response.

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