Configuration Yaesu FT5DR - WoAD trough Digirig Cable

Hi, I can’t config both devices (Yaesu FT5D and WoAD on my cell phone) in order to use for Winlink operation with Digirig and Yaesu HT cable.
I just buy a correct cable SKU: YAESUHTMOBILE plus Digirig Mobile 1.6
• FT5D: In VOX operation (I try High and Low level)
• WoAD: USB Digirig with cable in Audio position. TNC type: Audio 1200 bps

Does anyone has tested this case?


I had just given a similar configuration some thought and realized that it most likely won’t work. The problem is that WoAD needs to be used with a packet TNC . There is no software TNC for Android so far as I am aware at this time. You could use the Digirig to connect the radio to a Raspberry Pi running Direwolf and Pat Winlink, then VNC into it with your phone or a tablet. Otherwise, WoAD needs to have that radio connected to a hardware TNC like a Mobilinkd TNC3. I have successfully used a FT3D and a Mobilinkd with WoAD and APRSDroid. If you are bringing a PC laptop with you, no problem. The Digirig will work great with that using a software TNC like Direwolf or Soundmodem talking to Winlink.

To my knowledge WoAD implements AX.25 software TNC so it should work with Digirig without need for any additional hardware. Please see these posts for examples of working configuration:

The author of the software is also participating in the forum so you can ask your questions if you run into any issues.

WoAD works in packet mode prefectly with Wouxum KG-UV6D plus the cable Btech APRS-V01 because I tested with my gateway CB3WLK. It seem the YAESUHTMOBILE don’t match with the contact of female jack of the FT5DR (many reviews about that). But it’s true, Mobilinkd TNC3 works fine, but is sold out.

That’s very interesting. It appears that I didn’t dig far enough in to the session settings in WoAD. I will experiment with it and see how well it works. There are a number of people in my club that could benefit from this. Thanks for pointing it out.

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You can visit my video tutorial at Winlink para comunicaciones remotas y de emergencia - YouTube and download the ppt.

After playing with the settings a bit I was able to get WoAD to work on a Samsung S21 with an AnyTone 878. The settings I had to adjust were TX delay, default 200 change to 900, and FX.25, default 0 change to 16 transmission check bytes. After that it was sending and receiving messages just fine.

Thanks for the tip!

One more setting, also changed TX tail, default 20 change to 50. Don’t forget to enable PTT USB RTS. You will also need to put a check by the USB port below that setting. You will need to re-enable that setting each time you connect the Digirig.


Thanks for this! No issue with Digirig and laptop, but have been chasing my tail for weeks configuring it with WoAD on my S21 and VX6R. Made your changes on both my phone and samsung tablet and both work perfectly now.

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