Configuring IC706MkII

Hi guys - I’m trying to configure my recently acquired Digirig to work with my Icom706MkII

While I appear to have thigs set correcty in both JTDX and the radio CI-V controls it ain’t workinig as it should. Runninig W10 on a laptop. Cables specifically for this rig were bought with the controller.

I cannot get the CAT control to work. While the audio input (to PC) appears to be working I cannot adjust the volume into the computer so the audio level indicator is off the scale. I am decoding stations though but the waterfall display looks very “skinny” compared to the display on my K3S running on a completely different system.

Has anybody here been succesful in setting up Digirig with the IC706MkII?

73 G4CXT

Re. audio: are you able to adjust the levels using the system settings in Control Panel as described in the tutorials?

Re. CAT: Make sure the baud rate is matched between the radio and computer, straight end of CI-V cable goes into Digirig’s serial socket, angled goes into transceiver and (my favorite and most frequent issue), the CI-V cable goes into CI-V remote socket, and will not work when plugged in any other 3.5mm socket on the back.

I have had no issues wit the 703+, which is the HF-6m QRP version in WL. Other Digi modes I have not tried.

Thanks for the hints. I’m pretty sure I have done all these things correctly, but will of course re-check!

Sounds like a plan. If it keeps giving you trouble, please post the screenshots of configuration and picture of the connections.

No joy as yet. How do I add images to a post?

Drag-n-drop them in the message editor from the file explorer

Still struggling with this - some pictures follow:

  1. Device manager on PC

Would value any observations to assist!


  1. audio set-up in JTDX

  1. Bad photo showing the rig connections to the Digirig unit.
  1. Bad photo showing the rig connections to the Digirig unit.

Thank you for the pictures.

I see that your CI-V cable has a black angled side. I have an updated version (green plastic on transceiver side). It has ring contact disconnected. Several ICOM models had issue with that connection. I’ll send you the updated cable. Let me know if you wanted any other gear so we can combine the international shipment.

Excellent, but hold fire as I will purchase some other cables, and will check details in the morning . Also I have a cunning plan as I will be in CA in a week’s time and you can post to my son’s address in LA

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