Connect to Android Software with Digirig

I’m using an FT818 with DigiRig and wanted to try WoAD but couldn’t success…
I even have try with the setups in the screenshots from Digirig webpage (wich even have been shared here) but still no messages have been send. I don’t get any error. But one of the radio RX sometimes - the other doesn’t at all(the setups in both radio is exactly same and they work on PC radio programs)

It’s the first time I’m trying Android softwares for this use.
I have try 1-2 different app’s but even there I haven’t get luck, I don’t know if I’m doing wrong somewhere, need more than the app I want to use?

I haven’t use Winlink at all and want to try because I can’t find another software to use in Android there I can send message and file. And I will be moving this summer so most of the time I would not be able to have any internet connection - it would be good if I could get this work…

Open for any tips you will give me (even for another similar software there I can run in Android)
Thanks in advance

I had success with APRSdroid on android.

73 Constrainted

The issue can be related to the quality of RF link.

Try using the same digital mode with the same radio/antenna on PC first and if that works reliably you can assume that RF link is good and focus on other areas of troubleshooting.