Connect to Android Software with Digirig

I’m using an FT818 with DigiRig and wanted to try WoAD but couldn’t success…
I even have try with the setups in the screenshots from Digirig webpage (wich even have been shared here) but still no messages have been send. I don’t get any error. But one of the radio RX sometimes - the other doesn’t at all(the setups in both radio is exactly same and they work on PC radio programs)

It’s the first time I’m trying Android softwares for this use.
I have try 1-2 different app’s but even there I haven’t get luck, I don’t know if I’m doing wrong somewhere, need more than the app I want to use?

I haven’t use Winlink at all and want to try because I can’t find another software to use in Android there I can send message and file. And I will be moving this summer so most of the time I would not be able to have any internet connection - it would be good if I could get this work…

Open for any tips you will give me (even for another similar software there I can run in Android)
Thanks in advance

I had success with APRSdroid on android.

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The issue can be related to the quality of RF link.

Try using the same digital mode with the same radio/antenna on PC first and if that works reliably you can assume that RF link is good and focus on other areas of troubleshooting.

I use my Digirig with my TX500 and Samsung phone, but I have to use an OTG cable, between the Digirig and phone. If you have one of those, it would be worth trying.
73 VK6MB

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Same Issue here recently but i am on my way to work around , some apps like APRSdroid work with the right setting whilst others do not seem to work at all. The Problem seems to be how the App is written or the Settings look like.

On Sony Xperia 5II i got a little Workaround after seeing that Digirig made the PTT stuttering when TX was triggered. For me it seems Digirig does not get enough Energy to finally hold the Hardware-PTT down.

Installed this on my Phone:

The App should list the Soundcard of Digirig as “Unknown Device” but accept it as a Sound Card
The UART of the Digirig will be recognised .

When you press the “Connect” Button in the upper right Corner of the App, a Terminal opens where you can press RTS to activate. Digirig should now be able to Transmit, press the Button again and it goes back to Receive.

I did that to Test my Alan 42 Plus and Albrecht 2990 AFS (both 11m CB CEPT) with Droidpsk. Connection via Icom Cable from the Shop here.
However - this Method seems comparable to FT-818 as it has the PTT Contact on the Audio Connection also.

Hope this Helps and all the good Numbers.