Connecting DigiRig Lite to CS 800

Has anyone connected their Digirig to a Connect Systems CS 800? I’m looking for the cable from the DigiRig Lite to the CS 800 RJ45.

I found the manual and it has the pinout for the mic socket:

It looks similar to pinout of this cable: ICOM RJ-45 Cable for Digirig Mobile – digirig
Also from the manual it sounds like serial connection is also possible, but that will certainly require a custom cable with DB15 connector.

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Hello @Box.Car

You must have a cable that matches the wiring arrangement of both devices. This wiring matches the digirig’s output and the cs 800’s input settings.
You may need to connect both devices internet resources to create the correct wiring and setup required for the rj45 cable. try it and then let me know about the result :+1:

I’ve connected a Digirig to the accessory plug. This enables the use of 9600 or VARA FM wide.

The mic will only support “1200” or VARA FM narrow input. You’ll also need to connect to the external speaker for receive audio if you use this method.


I am looking for the cable as DigiRig has already stated the ID-5100 cable is a no-go…

What cable did you use or did you have to rig one yourself? I have the CS programming cable but I don’t know if it will pass the necessary handshakes with VARA or VaraFM…

I make all my own. I doubt a 15 pin high density is on the menu, just not much demand for them.