Connecting Kenwood TS-950SDX to Digirig

I just bought the Digirig and haven’t used it yet because I can’t seem to figure out what cords I need to buy so I can connect the Digirig to my TS-950SDX and the computer.

There are two cable sets with matching accessory cable that takes care of base functionality (audio + PTT):

From what I see in the pictures of the rear panel of the transceiver the remote connector uses DIN 7 socket and neither of above kits offer a matching serial/CAT cable. CAT is an optional functionality and you can operate digital modes without it. Let me know if you are interested in building a homebrew serial CAT cable and I will research the connections and suggest the pinouts.

There is a DIN 9 socket, the ACC2 behind where I connected the Digirig. But when I open WSJT-X a window says “Rig control error” and “Do you want to configure the radio interface”. Is there anything else that needs to be done with the interface? Thanks 73 DV7SKY

DIN13 ACC2 connector is for audio and PTT. Optional CAT control requires DIN7 REMOTE cable and Digirig configured for the same electric levels that the radio uses for serial lines.

Start without CAT control by connecting just cable between ACC2 socket and Digirig’s “audio” socket. In WSJT-X set rig to “none” and configure PTT by RTS of Digirig’s COM port.