Connection issues FT-857

I have an FT-857 I want to connect it with WSJT-X but I got rig error and hamlib error. I researched a lot but didn’t get the exactly answer to solve the problem.

I’m using WSJT-X on Windows, when I tried the FT-817 I didn’t get any error. I changed the settings on the rig but still I get the hamlib error.

Hope someone can help me!


Do you get the error message when trying to transmit or at the time of CAT test?

When I try test CAT.
I don’t get the errors when I setup to default settings but I got the error when I try to change Mode and Split operation to Data/Pkt and Fake It

Here are the settings I use for my FT-857D. Note that your COM port may be different and you can use “Device Manager” to check which to use. Also, this may be something you have already done, but check the following menu settings in your 857:

#19 - baud rate must match your WSJTX settings (mine is 38,400)
#20 - set to Cat
#39 - set to User-U

I hope this helps.

Thank you KJ4ADV!
I can now connect to WSJT-X.

I’ve open a new topic, maybe you can help me there. I want to send messages offline(without internet connection) with Digirig, I’ve got the tip to look at Vara + Winlink but it seems to be difficult.