Connection on Anytone AT-778UV Issue

Have been using my DigiRig on my Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows 10 and my Yeasu FT-70D with no issue. Using the DigiRig cable. Works great and was a good experience getting it working.

Just bought an Anytone AT-778UV and trying to get VARAFM to run on it. Running the DigiRig cable on it, also.

Checked and Rechecked the settings and there is something I have missed. Squelch at 0 and Volume at 1 on the Anytone.
It tries to connect and I can see the red transmit briefly. But, never makes the connection.
I went back and tried the Yeasu to make sure I hadn’t changed a setting on the tablet or in VaraFM and it connects with no issues.

If anyone can give me a hint on what I may be missing, would appreciate it. Like figuring these things out, but sort of stumped.

Start with basics: make sure that you can hear traffic on your radio with no interface connected and that you are heard on the frequency if you make test voice transmission.

Then troubleshoot individual functions of the interface:

  • audio from radio to computer
  • PTT control
  • audio from computer to radio

There is a troubleshooting section and youtube videos on the subject

Appreciate the response. I’m pretty sure there is something basic I have missed. Setting these up is a challenge, but makes you think.