Converting from CI-V to Logic Levels

Hi everyone, I bought a CI-V Digirig thinking that I was going to get an Icom but changed my mind and got a Yaesu FT-710. I’d like to convert the Digirig from CI-V to Logic Level but want to make sure I do it correctly. Is it as simple as removing the connections marked in green and reconnecting the connections marked in red in this image?

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I think @K0TX will comment, but your plan looks correct to me. I do not want your question to go too long without a response.

73 Constrainted


Yes, that is correct. You can also see the video of the process including restoring the default connections at:

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Thanks for the help @Constrainted and @K0TX. I’ll give it a try next weekend.

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Every once in a while I need a reminder why I avoid soldering as much as I possibly can. Looks like I f’d the digirig up by pulling out one of the contact pads.

It is a real possibility especially if he iron is not regulated or temperature set too hot.
With the pad missing, you can still pick up the same signal with a bodge wire from ring 1 pin of the serial connector.